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Colorado’s “first county” experiences some of the most extreme weather, making hail damage in Aurora all too common. Because roofs take the brunt of the impact and exposure from hail, it is paramount for homeowners to get their roof inspected for damage following a big storm. Not only is it difficult for homeowners to get up to their roof and inspect it themselves, but the compromised areas needing hail damage roof repair may not be readily apparent. At Apex Restoration & Roofing, we understand the uncertainty and frustration that comes with Aurora hail damage and can take those feelings away starting with a free inspection. A team of various contractors is then assembled to provide full coverage hail damage repair services taking into account the windows, siding, gutters, of course the roof, and more to make the process for you and your insurance agent as easy as possible.


Signs of Hail Damage in Aurora

Leaving damage unattended will not only decrease the value of your home but cause severe long-term problems. On their own these issues may be minor, but after accumulating they could result in much larger problems like a leaky roof or compromised structural integrity. These require expensive and intrusive repairs. While damage that requires hail damage roof repair may not be too easy to spot, there are some signs other than the obvious hailstorm that it’s time for a roof inspection:

  • There are shingles in your gutters or on your lawn
  • Your roof is home to pools of water
  • Your gutters are not draining properly
  • There is a separation between your gutter and roof
  • Your shingles look to be losing their color or are thinning in spots
  • Your shingles are cracking, have wavy edges, or are curled in some spots
  • Shingles have pitting – little holes where granules have fallen out

The biggest sign that you need a roof inspection is if you haven’t had one in over a year. Roof inspections should be done annually, especially in an area of extreme weather such as Aurora, CO.

Assistance Through the Entire Process

At Apex Restoration & Roofing we work to keep your home safe following a spell of unpredictable weather and will have repairs done in a timely and professional manner to give you peace of mind. We’ll put together a team of seasoned contractors to provide a comprehensive repair service that takes gutters, windows, siding, and more into account. Our services will make the process stress-free for you and your insurance agent.

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