Can My Roof Be Repaired?

From faulty gutters to broken shingles, or simple wear and tear: your repair options might surprise you!

Is your home a few decades old? 

50, 60, or 70 years old? Maybe even over 100 years old?

If so, you’ve already accomplished a serious feat by keeping it in good shape.

Old houses—even a few decades old—can become a never-ending project.

But that’s the best part about it! There’s nothing quite like living in an old house. So, working to keep it intact is part of the adventure.

You’ve got a knack for repairs and renovations—and you have to. Without it, your home’s age can cause some mind-numbing stress.

So, if you’re reading this you’ve probably identified a problem that you can’t fix on your own:

Your roof.

Owning an old home has made you a jack of all trades, but when it comes to your roof you’ll want to call in the experts. Old roofing can be delicate, and you need advice on how to fix it.

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When it comes to experience, we’ve got plenty of it…

With 50+ years serving 1000’s of homeowners in the Colorado area, we’ve seen every kind of roofing issue you can imagine.

And we’ve got all the tools and knowledge to repair or replace your roof, no matter how old your home is. 

We Offer:

Roof Renailing & Refastening

Gutter Repair & Replacement

Shingle & Full Roof Replacements

New Doors & Windows

Ventilation Repair & Replacements

Emergency Repairs

And more! But before we get started on repairing your home, we’ll need to get a trained set of eyes on your roof to diagnose the problem.

The Damage you Can’t See…

Over its lifespan, your roofing takes a serious beating.

This is especially true if you have an old home. The last thing you need is an unnoticed leak that causes devastating damage inside your home.

With that in mind, here are some of the most common roofing issues we see (and repair)!


As you’d expect, cracked, broken shingles are one of the most common problems an old roof can have.

After years of exposure to Colorado sun, rain, and snow an old roof can begin to show its wear. Shingles might even peel and fall away, leaving your home’s frame susceptible to rotting and structural damage.

Whether you’ve got an asphalt shingle, metal, wood shakes, or a tile roof, weather/water damage, or even branches and debris falling onto your roof can cause a serious problem.

Think you’ve got a problem with your shingles? We’ll take a look and give you all the best options in terms of materials and installation.

Fascia (Roof Trim)

Fascia refers to the wooden board that sits vertically underneath your gutter. And that piece of metal or wood isn’t just for looks—it forms a barrier against moisture seeping into your home.

Overtime, your roof trim can get damaged or rot away, but don’t write it off! If we notice it, we’ll put it down for repair so you can keep rain and snow where it belongs (outside your home!)


Flashings are those bits of metal that protect the corners and valleys of your roof—they sit vertically against your chimney, skylights, and walls.

Steel flashings are less susceptible to damage than other parts of your roof, but they might simply come loose with age.

If your flashings are looking worse for wear, we’ll re-secure them or even install new ones if necessary!


With an older home, you could run into a few issues with your gutters.

Colorado’s hail season can take a toll on your gutters. This could affect the slope of your eavestroughs (the part running along your roof) leading to blockages in your gutters.

It could be asphalt wearing off your shingles over time, or natural debris falling into your eavestroughs.

Whatever the issue is, it’s important to take care of blockages—allowing water to sit in your gutters can cause corrosion, and even leaks inside your home.

We’ll handle all of your gutter repairs, from cleaning eavestroughs to repairing downspouts, and everything in between.


Take a look at your roof. Soffits are the surfaces beneath the overhang of your home’s roof.

You might have some small ventilation holes in your soffits. Those holes have an important role—they ventilate the interior of your roof space (sometimes an attic) and help prevent moisture buildup.

Soffits take less damage than the top of your roof, but we’ll check them carefully too. Over the years, holes or cracks in your soffits can create an entrance for bugs, small animals, and moisture!

It depends on the age of your roof, but chances are you could have a combination of the issues we mentioned.

Protecting your home for decades to come starts with a FREE, comprehensive roof inspection from an APEX roofing expert.

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You’ll work one on one with a roofing specialist to diagnose the exact problem and solution for your home.

Our process is streamlined to support your needs—from the moment you call us until the repair is done.

So, after your FREE estimate and comprehensive home inspection, we’ll work to get your repair covered by your insurance company.

Our decades of experience in the business have provided us with a network of trusted, reliable insurance agents. 

Repairing your roof is an important investment. It keeps you protected from the elements 24/7, 365.

That’s why at APEX, we put your needs first, especially when it comes to working with your insurance.

So, with your insurance coverage handled, what’s the next step? 

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All that’s left to do is to give us a call!

After your inspection, we’ll review all the options for roof repair and roof replacement, as well as getting what you need from your insurance provider.

The key is to take the initiative, especially with an older home!

The truth is, your roof could just need some simple repairs…

Or you might need a full roof replacement.

It all depends on the state of your home. Either way, catching your roofing issue early will save you the most money in the long run.

We’ll be there to help you every step of the way:

Get an expert inspection using veteran knowledge and modern technology…

Talk with our team about repair and replacement options…

And let us handle the rest! 

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